Buy or Lease a New Kia

Discover the Benefits between Buying or Leasing Your Next Kia in North Aurora

If you're a local driver with a list of needs from your next vehicle, it's likely best for you to begin by considering how you'd like to own it. Our staff at Gerald Kia of North Aurora is well-versed with knowledge regarding the choice to buy or lease a new Kia model, which is perfect for figuring out which is best for your financial situation. While interested owners typically take the upfront cost or monthly payments into consideration, there are many more factors to keep in mind when searching for your next vehicle. Fortunately for you and other drivers throughout Aurora, Naperville, Elgin and Schaumburg, you can determine which is best for your needs with these various benefits and responsibilities of each.

Buying a New Vehicle

  • If you're making the trip to our showroom to outright purchase your next Kia model, you'll quickly learn that you'll have to put down a larger upfront amount that you would for a lease. The reasoning behind that lies with the transfer of ownership from our dealership to you, which comes with higher insurance costs and taxes to match the initial down payment.
  • While buyers have to put down more initial cost than a monthly lease payment, owning your vehicle can offer a quicker path to avoid monthly payments altogether by paying off the cost of the model. The quicker you prove yourself capable of eliminating the remaining debt on your financed loan, the sooner you will be in full control of the vehicle.
  • Once you're the owner of your vehicle, you can determine what time is best to trade it in for something new or different. It's worth noting that the value of your vehicle is only as high as you allow it, so it's important to ensure the longevity of your model by maintain high standards of cleanliness and maintenance.

Leasing a New Vehicle

  • Most of our Kia models come with different monthly payments, which makes leasing a more attractive option for those who are looking to maximize their budget. If the Kia Sorento stands out more than the Kia Forte, you won't have to take on the full cost difference - just the slight difference in monthly payment costs.
  • Once you've committed to a lease, you are signed to a contract for however long you choose to lease the vehicle. Within that period of time, you are expected to be on-time with monthly payments and drive within your mileage budget. Failing to make payments on-time can result in late fees, while exceeding the yearly mileage budget can add up with extra fees per mile.
  • Since a lease doesn't transfer ownership over to you, there is little effort that has to go into the process of trading it back into our dealership for your next model. However, you do have to be aware of the condition that you return the vehicle - too much damage can result in a lowered value or extra costs.

Are you determined to claim a new Kia model for your garage or driveway? No matter where you live in the local area, our staff members are eager to guide you in the direction of the right lease or loan for your vehicle needs. All it takes to get started is a visit to explore our new inventory of models at 201 Hansen Blvd today. From there, you'll be able to settle on the ideal terms and cost for your next sedan or crossover!